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Constructomax would love for you to know everything we do when it comes to installing a brand new concrete or clay tile roof. We always feel if is our job to make sure you can make an informed choice about what type of tile you want to furnish your roof with, the better you will feel once that roof has been put into place.

Here we will show you our top five, but not limited to, tile manufacturers we use every week. There are differences between concrete and clay. Things to consider is absorption rate, fasteners, colors and designs. However keep in mind that whatever you choose to go with that at the end of the day you will be getting a superior product that you can count on to last and shine for a very long time.

Aside from all the energy efficient benefits of tile roofing is its sustainability. Most ties are 50% to 60% made from recycled materials and are also 100% recyclable at their expiration date. This makes them a great investment for the long term for your community and world.

If originality, authenticity, longevity and looks are what you are looking for then tile is the way to go. With warranties from 50 years to 100 years you can’t go wrong with this investment into your home. You can see all over Tampa Bay why many have made this choice because of the environment we live in.

Concrete Tiles

The three manufacturers we use for Concrete tile is Eagle Tile, Borar and Entegra.

Eagle TIle – Founded over 25 years ago and based out of California they are known for their durable environmentally friendly tiles that are American made. They have a warehouse right here in Florida and have thousands of Florida homes installed with their concrete tiles.

Boral – Boral is the largest provider of concrete and clay tile here in the USA with over 52 years of service. Based out of Georgia they have a wide range of styles and are the only company to receive the Cradle to Cradle Gold certification which means they will never harm the environment.

Entegra – A native company based in South Florida with over 30 years in the business. They appeal as a mom and pop company without the layers of over management. This allows them to focus on what they do best and that is provide a quality concrete tile at a great price.

Benefits of Concrete Tile Roofing

Concrete tiles are generally less expensive than clay. They use a mixture of sand, cement and water and when installed properly they are very resistant to strong winds, hail and fire. They have interlocking functionality that helps keep water from the underlayment. They can come in low to high profile styles as well to give you even more options.

There are several different ways to fasten concrete tiles to your roof deck from screws, foam adhesive and non-penetration methods (this is very popular) Price is determined by the type of fastening you choose.

Concrete has an absorption rate of 13% which means when it rains it will absorb that percentage of water. This can result in weight being added to your roof structure. During our routine roof inspection we will inform you of any risk of damage due to the weight of tile before any installation.

Benefits include:

  • Resistant to Growth – Mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, streaks, and stains
  • Weathering Resistance – Protection from elements such as salt sea spray
  • Environmentally Friendly – Low VOC compliant, water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Excellent UV Resistance – Reduces color degradation (not part of the warranty)
  • Clear Coat – Does not obscure the roof’s beauty
  • Breathable – Does not promote condensation or moisture build up
  • Long -Term Performance and Protection

Benefits of Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles consist of a harder material since they are baked at a high temperature which adheres the ingredients with a tighter bond. They also provide a longer lasting protection than concrete at a minimal higher cost.

They provide all the same benefits as concrete except the absorption rate is at only 6% which allows them to repel water better and will not increase in as much weight like concrete tiles do. Another feature is they are inlaid closer to your roof deck which helps reduce the potential of mold or mildew. They are excellent at providing a air barrier in between your roof and tiles that help vent heated air away from your home.

Like concrete, clay is also resistant to hail, fire, and strong winds. They are also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Our two main companies we use for the distribution of clay tiles are.

Altusa – For over 40 years they have become one of the most trusted providers of clay tiles in the industry. Coming through Miami they are produced in Central America which can be seen in many of the their Spanish and Mayan styles they provide. It is a premium superior  product seen all over Tampa Bay.

Ludowici – If you are looking for a more custom look then Ludowici is at the top of the clay tile world. Superior deep coloring, from terra cotta to European looks, they offer an extensive range of custom tiles that can reall enhance the look of your home and curb appeal.

Constructomax Promise

Whichever option your choose we realize that it is only part of the process of roofing your home. The most important aspect is the installation. Constructomax abides by one rule from the owner on down to the laborer is to do everything 100% right from the first time we sit down with you to the completion of the project.

Your roof with concrete or clay tile will look fantastic once it is completed. Schedule an hour with one of our estimators to get a comfortable knowledge of your options and the process and then sit back and relax as we transform your home into a beautiful piece of art.

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