1. We Are Commercial Roofing Experts

    When the roof on your business is damaged, it can be tempting to go with the first contractor you find so that the job is done quickly. While you may have saved some time, you may have spent more money than was necessary, and when dealing with a business budget, that can be very serious. Take the time to research the roofing companies you're thinking about hiring, and see what their reputation is …Read More

  2. Does Your Roof Have Curling or Missing Shingles?

    Now that fall has finally arrived and the harsh summer weather has ended, it might be time to look at the state of your home's roof. Thunderstorms, hail, and high winds can take their toll on your roof, no matter how new it may be. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we know what Florida summers can do to homes, and with our residential roofing services, you can feel confident that your roof will remain se…Read More

  3. Put a New Roof on Your Apartment Complex

    As a rental property owner, the last thing you want to get is a call from a tenant complaining that their roof is leaking. If it's been some time since you've replaced the roof on your apartment complex, ConstructoMax can provide commercial roofing services that will take care of any issues. It doesn't matter how large or small the roof is - we can repair or replace complete sections or the entir…Read More

  4. A New Roof for Your Home!

    When the time comes to put a new roof on your home, or simply replace the current roof's worn shingles, it can seem like quite the undertaking. You may have even re-roofed your home in the past, but now you either don't have the time, or getting up on a ladder and climbing around your roof doesn't seem like the best option. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we've helped many residents find the perfect ro…Read More

  5. Commercial Roofing For Your New Location

    As a business owner, there's nothing you love more than seeing your company grow and expand. You most likely started out in a small office or in a rented or shared space, and over the years, you've been able to hire more people, expand your product line, and have a larger impact on the community. One thing that is always important for a business is for it to be visible, so if you're moving to or b…Read More

  6. Protect Your Home Against Inclement Weather

    Although Tampa is usually safe from hurricanes and high winds, there are occasional storms that can cause damage. When it comes to your home, one of the areas most susceptible to damage is the roof. Broken shingles and missing sections can let water into your home, and extensive water damage is no easy fix. At ConstructoMax, we offer complete residential roofing and can repair or replace your roof…Read More