1. Four Common Causes of Roof Leaks

    Summer is here, and with it comes the rainy weather. This is the time of year that we see a major increase in roof repair calls in Tampa. While each roof is different, many leaks are caused by the same underlying issues. Here are a few of the most common causes of roof leaks:   Age: Roofs have a functional lifespan of 20-30 years. As roofs age, the materials deteriorate. Over time, the materi…Read More

  2. Rebuilding Your Store’s Roof

    It's an unfortunate truth, but accidents do happen, and when they happen in your place of business, it can be hard to know where to turn. If the accident is a fire or a weather-related incident, such as high winds or hail, your roof could be left in disrepair, or worse, completely destroyed. At ConstructoMax, we understand that when your store's roof is damaged or removed by fire or weather, you n…Read More

  3. Let Us Handle Your Steep Slope Roofing Project

    If you've ever had to go on your roof to clear something off, or perhaps clean out the gutters in the spring, you know how important safety is while you're up there. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we can handle any residential roofing project, no matter how steep your roof may be. We've spoken about slope before, but it's important for a homeowner to know what the slope of their roof is. The slope is …Read More

  4. A New Roof for Your Warehouse

    If your company deals in large products or equipment that have to be stored in a warehouse, it's important for that warehouse to be secure from the roof to the foundation. Your inventory needs to stay dry and protected, and if the roof is compromised, you could lose thousands of dollars in inventory during a thunderstorm or hurricane. At ConstructoMax, we can handle any large commercial roofing pr…Read More

  5. The Latest in Roofing Trends

    Architecture is constantly changing, and with new trends in construction come new roofing needs. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we're always working to stay on top of new roofing trends and market changes, and understand that it takes dedication to provide the customer with exactly what they want, even if it's a material or style we've never installed before. With our many years of experience, there i…Read More

  6. Commercial Roofing for Industrial Locations

    As a business owner, you do everything you can to keep your company running smoothly. If you're in the manufacturing or industrial sector, that includes keeping your facilities in good condition. A factory or shipping center is usually housed in a large building, and it's important that the roof of that building is regularly inspected and repaired, in order to meet certain guidelines and keep your…Read More

  7. Is a New Roof in Your Home Remodeling Budget?

    Now that 2016 is underway, you may be thinking about what updates you'd like to make to your home. If you set a yearly remodeling budget every January, you have most likely begun or perhaps even finished this year's outline. You might be thinking about a new kitchen or an expanded bathroom, but what about the roof that covers all of those rooms? If your home's roof is looking outdated, or sustaine…Read More

  8. Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofer

    We wrote a few weeks ago about the best questions to ask your residential roofer, but what if the roof on your business is in more need of replacement or repair? As a business owner, there are many different questions you should ask a commercial roofer, the first of which is most likely linked to your budgetary needs. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we always provide fair, honest, and competitive quote…Read More

  9. Add a New Roof Over Your Addition

    When you add on to your home. you can't wait for the extra living and storage space to be complete. If you're adding another bedroom or extending your kitchen, you want the job to be done right. When it comes to placing a new roof over your addition, ConstructoMax is more than qualified to handle the job. As residential roofing contractors in Tampa, we understand how to properly add a new roof and…Read More

  10. Questions to Ask Your Residential Roofer

    As a homeowner, it's a smart move to do your research before hiring a contractor or any kind, no matter if they're working on your roof or your plumbing. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we love it when our customers ask questions, because that means they've done their homework and are striving to make the best decision. As a residential roofer, we come to every job prepared, and we want the customer to…Read More