1. We Can Handle Large Scale Projects

    While some Tampa businesses only occupy one small building or a portion of an office complex, others are housed in massive structures or across multiple facilities. As an owner of a large-scale business, it's important to consider the state of every building you own, especially the state of each building's roof. At ConstructoMax, we can handle major commercial roofing projects, including repairing…Read More

  2. Avoid Commercial Roofing Problems

    If you've contracted a commercial roofing provider in the past, only to be left dissatisfied with their punctuality and level of workmanship, it's easy to be hesitant about calling another company. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we understand the issues that business owners can run into with commercial roofers, and we promise to provide a level of customer service and craftsmanship that will provide y…Read More

  3. Rebuilding Your Store’s Roof

    It's an unfortunate truth, but accidents do happen, and when they happen in your place of business, it can be hard to know where to turn. If the accident is a fire or a weather-related incident, such as high winds or hail, your roof could be left in disrepair, or worse, completely destroyed. At ConstructoMax, we understand that when your store's roof is damaged or removed by fire or weather, you n…Read More

  4. A New Roof for Your Warehouse

    If your company deals in large products or equipment that have to be stored in a warehouse, it's important for that warehouse to be secure from the roof to the foundation. Your inventory needs to stay dry and protected, and if the roof is compromised, you could lose thousands of dollars in inventory during a thunderstorm or hurricane. At ConstructoMax, we can handle any large commercial roofing pr…Read More

  5. Commercial Roofing for Industrial Locations

    As a business owner, you do everything you can to keep your company running smoothly. If you're in the manufacturing or industrial sector, that includes keeping your facilities in good condition. A factory or shipping center is usually housed in a large building, and it's important that the roof of that building is regularly inspected and repaired, in order to meet certain guidelines and keep your…Read More

  6. Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofer

    We wrote a few weeks ago about the best questions to ask your residential roofer, but what if the roof on your business is in more need of replacement or repair? As a business owner, there are many different questions you should ask a commercial roofer, the first of which is most likely linked to your budgetary needs. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we always provide fair, honest, and competitive quote…Read More

  7. We Are Commercial Roofing Experts

    When the roof on your business is damaged, it can be tempting to go with the first contractor you find so that the job is done quickly. While you may have saved some time, you may have spent more money than was necessary, and when dealing with a business budget, that can be very serious. Take the time to research the roofing companies you're thinking about hiring, and see what their reputation is …Read More

  8. Put a New Roof on Your Apartment Complex

    As a rental property owner, the last thing you want to get is a call from a tenant complaining that┬átheir roof is leaking. If it's been some time since you've replaced the roof on your apartment complex, ConstructoMax can provide commercial roofing services that will take care of any issues. It doesn't matter how large or small the roof is - we can repair or replace complete sections or the entir…Read More

  9. Commercial Roofing For Your New Location

    As a business owner, there's nothing you love more than seeing your company grow and expand. You most likely started out in a small office or in a rented or shared space, and over the years, you've been able to hire more people, expand your product line, and have a larger impact on the community. One thing that is always important for a business is for it to be visible, so if you're moving to or b…Read More

  10. Keep Your Business Secure with Commercial Roofing in Tampa

    When you own a business, you do everything you can to keep up with the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as promote its overall goals and vision. You want to maintain a positive image in the community, and you do that by providing excellent service and outstanding products. But what about the appearance of your physical location? If the building your business is housed in needs constan…Read More