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South Tampa Roofing Services

Roofing is a major factor during the construction process of either a residential or commercial building. The structural part of the building is only said to be complete after roofing is done. South Tampa area is located within the City of Tampa and if you are within this region and have roofing issues, you can never lack good quality roofing services offered by Constructomax Roofing Contractors. Our roofing services offered in South Tampa entail both commercial and residential roofs and include roof installation, replacement, re-roofing, roof repair and inspections.

Residential Roofing Services

Here in South Tampa Constructomax roofing services  has a team with enough skill and experience to take care and ensure the client’s satisfaction after completion of the roofing project. Residential roofing mainly covers home buildings from apartment buildings to large and small homes. We deliver roofing services that are dependable, have good quality building strength and a record of success based on years of performance. Residential roofing services provided in Tampa include roof repairs, storm damage repairs, expert flashing, installation of flat and built-up roofs, complete re-roofing and shingle replacement and installation. If you are in need of excellent residential roofing services call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Services in the South Tampa region and the surrounding areas work hard installing quality commercial roofing products using proper materials to stop leaks and install roofing systems that are durable. We provide roofing solutions that range from asphalt shingles to the best quality flat and low slope commercial roofing applications. The commercial roofing applications consist of the installation of excellent products which include the Carlisle and GAF roofing shingles and TPO membrane installations. We also provide quality roof coatings and Modified Bitumen roofing applications. With the presence of good roofing technicians with the skill and experience to provide roofing solutions according to the stipulations of the client and roofing code, there is the assurance of a great outcome on your roofing project. Some of the commercial roofing services offered in South Tampa include roof replacement, new roof construction, preventive maintenance, custom roof metal fabrication and roof disaster response due to inclement weather and hail.

TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing refers to the use of Thermoplastic Olefin roofing membranes. This material is extremely valuable because of its ability to reflect heat and light away from your roof. It is also very durable and long lasting. Its application process provides a very strong bond with minimal seams. Carlisle Syntec systems is the leader in providing TPO nationwide and we offer this with pride knowing it is backed by a reputable and respected manufacturer.

The TPO membranes during installation can be mechanically attached or fully bound or adhered. They do not normally receive surfacing. In South Tampa, TPO roofing systems are considered because they are cost effective, durable, energy efficient, flexible which enables the membrane to be resistant to tears and damage due to impact. The TPO membrane is also environmentally friendly because of their ability to adapt to green roofing materials. The TPO roofing system offers clients an environmentally-friendly roofing solution.

Built-Up and Steep Roofing Systems

We also offer Built-Up and Steep roofing system services. The Built-Up roof systems involve the use of layers of felt and bitumen (which can be either coal tar pitch or asphalt) that are applied when hot and left to cool after placement. They are then covered using gravel and other weather resistant coatings. The Steep Roofing systems are used when the roof slope is greater than 3:12 or twenty-five percent slope. These systems are aesthetically pleasing and provide good roof drainage. Asphalt shingles are commonly used during installation of these systems. The asphalt shingles are made of fibrous glass mats saturated with asphalt. The system involves the application of several layers of roofing plies embedded in asphalt or an emulsion. Steep Roofing systems can also require the use of metal roofing because of their heat resistance, color customization, and durability. Built-up roofing services and Steep Roofing Systems should be considered because they are cost efficient and can be easily maintained.  We offer quality Built-Up and Steep Roofing Systems regardless of the size of the roof slope.

Clay and Concrete Tile Roof

Constructomax is a certified and licensed contractor to handle your concrete and clay tile roofing needs.There are many styles and colors you can choose from. All of them offer the benefits of proper aeration, energy efficiency and best term on age of roof.

The Benefits of Concrete 0r Clay Tile Roofing

  1. It can last for 50 years or more without needing much maintenance.
  2. It has a tough layer of protection. Tile roofs come equipped with a tough outer shell that repels water and heat  effectively.
  3. Environmentally friendly. There are no chemical additives used during production of the tile. Tile roofs also do not add to landfill waste since all the material can be recycled.
  4. Since the tiles are individually installed, repairs are easier.

Another benefit of this type of roofing material is the resistance to fire and wind, less abuse during installation, and energy efficiency.

Remember only a certified contractor can install tile roofs. At ConstructoMax we are the top professional roofing company in Tampa, FL. So us call for a quality installation or repair today. Our experience will create that lasting tile roof to make your home a beauty.

You can call us at (813) 520-8957 to inquire more about this roofing material. We’ll be happy to give you an free estimate right away!

Shingle Roofing

Shingles come in several styles and colors. We offer architectural, designer and 3-Tab shingles from GAF and Owens Corning. Two very trusted leaders in the manufacturing of long lasting shingles. Another popular option is the peal and stick shingle systems which adhere with a strong bond to your roof deck. Shingles are excellent for weather resistance, reliability, less expensive than tile and provide a long lasting protection. Schedule a sit down appointment today and we will educate you on the available options so that you can make a confident decision.

Constructomax will not only protect you from the weather but also protects your investment, your plans, and your dreams. Come and receive the protection you deserve.

Here are some neighborhoods within South Tampa we have installed roofs and some we hope to add more too.

You can go through Beautiful Bayshore and Hyde Park. There is also Beach Park and West Shore. Davis Island, Sunset Park, Gandy Area, MacDill and Palma Ceia. Of course we love Channel Side and Ybor City.

We also cover Fair Oaks, Manhattan Manor, Culbreath Isles, Sun Bay South and Virginia.

Our goal is to beautify all these locations with stunning roofs installed by Constructomax Roofing Contractors.

South Tampa is found in the zip codes of  33602, 33606, 33609, 33611, 33616 and 33629.

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