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Palm Harbor Roofing Services

Need a roof in Palm Harbor? Not sure whether to get it replaced or repaired? Would like a comparison on roofing materials such as shingle or tile? At times these questions and others can be daunting. On top of all that you want to be able to trust a roofing company to give you a straight honest answer.

Constructomax is one of many roofing companies servicing residents in Palm Harbor but we would like to think we have something to offer you that separates us from the rest. Our approach from the beginning is to educate you on the roofing process, the differences of high end to low end roofing materials, give you actual samples of either shingle or tile options and in doing all this, not overwhelm you with too much information.

What you can expect from us when we show up at you door? You will meet a well dressed roofing estimator who will introduce themselves from Constructomax. He will ask you if it would be okay to get on your roof and start his inspection to get a complete idea of any issues he finds. Then based on that inspection he will ask what you are looking to do. All of our estimators are ready to demonstrate any type of roofing material you wish to consider if you want to replace your roof and if it is just a repair he will give you what is needed to get the repair done correctly to prevent further damage.

What we never do is ask for your address, look at google images and give you an estimate over the phone. We always want to be thorough and do everything 100% right so that you will get that piece of mind before making an investment in your home.

Our Services

We are licensed and insured and certified to furnish and install GAF, Owens Corning and Carlisle. 

We offer a multitude of services in hopes to be able to address any need you may have when it comes to your roof. Here is a quick list-

  • Architectural, Designer, and 3-Tab Shingles
  • Concrete and Clay Tile
  • Metal
  • TPO Syntec (Perfect for flat roofs and commercial)
  • Attic Insulation (Owens Corning Pro-Cat series)
  • Waterproofing
  • Coatings

Residential Roofing

We love working in neighborhoods like Palm Harbor where you will find a variety of roofs in many different styles. Our ability to offer you a roof with a lifetime warranty makes us a perfect choice. Whether your roof is 1000 square feet to 10000 square feet, we can handle the project. If you would like a Free roofing estmate just fill out the form below or call us today.

Commercial Roofing

Your business needs a dependable roof to keep your assets inside safe. We find that often a little issue with your roof will be put off for a later date but often time that simple fix becomes a headache. Call Constructomax if you see leaks or evidence of roof damage and we will come out to give you a detailed inspection.

TPO Roofing.

If you design a material that is made of synthetic material that is designed to reflect UV and heat, withstand heavy winds and rain, capable of outlasting any comparable roofing style, would you want it for your business? We think the answer is easy. We are certified to install the leading manufacturer of TPO products. Carlisle has paved the way of solving the problem of flat commercial roofs to give you a dependable product you can trust.

Shingle Roofing

Constructomax prefers to supply a shingle that has been tested and proven. Owens Corning and GAF has met that standard. You can choose architectural, designer or 3-Tab shingles to enhance the look of your home. We also offer 100% financing to help assist you in with the cost as well.

Clay & Concrete TIle Roofing

TIle is a great investment for your home because of its durability, moisture protection and low maintenance. You have many choices of colors and styles so choose what you desire and we will take care of the rest. If you want a clay or concrete tile roof call Constructomax today and schedule an appointment with one of our expert estimators.

Attic Insulation

While your roof does play an important role in reducing your energy cost it is more effective when you have the right insulation in your attic. Owens Corning Pro-Cat insulation is the best choice for keeping heat from penetrating your ceiling which means a cooler home inside. We have tools and machines capable of blowing in insulation for your entire attic. Get Owens Pro-Cat today.

Roof Coating Systems

Roof coating systems are a great to seal your roof from water leakage and withstand extreme weathering. Solutions such as United Coatings, GACO, VFI are a few we have used and seen the excellent protection they provide. GAF Hydrostop is a superior membrane material that is highly effective as well. If you are interested in this product give us a call today.

Constructomax Roofing Contractors is ready to work in Palm Harbor. Fill our form below or call today and let’s get your roof ready to install.

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