Architecture is constantly changing, and with new trends in construction come new roofing needs. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we’re always working to stay on top of new roofing trends and market changes, and understand that it takes dedication to provide the customer with exactly what they want, even if it’s a material or style we’ve never installed before. With our many years of experience, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or installed, but we’re always excited to see what a new year will bring.

The residential roofing market has remained fairly steady over the past few years, and people are beginning┬áto spend money on necessary roof repairs that perhaps they couldn’t afford before now. Some Florida homeowners that want to replace their roof are opting for different materials or construction, and we can handle both low slope and steep slope projects. With the economy strengthening somewhat, homeowners are feeling more comfortable in investing in alternative roofing materials, and also improving their home’s energy efficiency with a new roof and new insulation. This gives them the opportunity to rethink their roof, how it’s constructed, and what material is covering it.

At ConstructoMax, we love helping Tampa residents find the perfect roofing solutions, and will gladly tell you about all of your options. If you’re finally adding on to your home and need a new section of roofing, or you’re ready to replace the entire roof, give us a call today. We’ll prepare a Speedy Fast┬« quote specifically for you, and get to work as soon as possible!