It might only be early April, but the rainy season in Tampa will soon be here, and it’s important for homeowners to be prepared. According to the South Florida Water Management District, 70 percent of South Florida’s annual rainfall occurs between June and October, and with Tampa being the “lightning capital of North America,” there’s always more than just rain hitting the ground. If your roof is need of repair, or there are sections of shingles missing, now is the best time to contact ConstructoMax for residential roofing services.

Hurricanes and tropical storms might pose the most serious risks, but a thunderstorm that lingers in the area can bring just as much rain as weather events that are named by the National Weather Service. If your roof has leaks or compromised sections, your attic and other areas of your home, including the outer walls, can receive significant water damage and create a serious headache for you, the homeowner. If there are lightning and hail with the rain, your roof can take a pounding and be seriously damaged. With our expertise and skill, we can secure your roof against wind and weather, and make sure your home stays safe during the rainy season. We can also take care of any necessary post-storm repairs.

If you’re searching for residential roofing before the rainy season arrives, call ConstructoMax today at (813) 520-8957 or fill out our online Speedy FastĀ® Bid form. We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof, check for any trouble spots, and restore any missing shingles or compromised sections before the first storm rolls across Tampa Bay.