If you’ve ever had to go on your roof to clear something off, or perhaps clean out the gutters in the spring, you know how important safety is while you’re up there. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we can handle any residential roofing project, no matter how steep your roof may be. We’ve spoken about slope before, but it’s important for a homeowner to know what the slope of their roof is.

The slope is the incline of your roof expressed in a ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal run, where the run is a certain portion of the roof span. For example, if your roof rises five inches for every foot, or twelve inches, the slope would be 5:12. A roof with a slope of 3:12 or 4:12 is commonly referred to as a “steep sloped roof,” and it’s important to pick roofing materials that are suitable for it, as well as a professional roofing company that will work on your roof with safety and expertise. Our team understands how to put the proper equipment and measures in place so that your roof is repaired or re-shingled quickly and safely.

If your roof is looking outdated or you’ve noticed more and more shingles on the ground after high winds or a rainstorm, please contact us right away. We understand how to best approach a roof with a steep slope, and can have your new roof done in no time at all. You can call us at (813) 520-8957, or fill out our Speedy FastĀ® Bid form online.