While some Tampa businesses only occupy one small building or a portion of an office complex, others are housed in massive structures or across multiple facilities. As an owner of a large-scale business, it’s important to consider the state of every building you own, especially the state of each building’s roof. At ConstructoMax, we can handle major commercial roofing projects, including repairing and re-roofing several buildings at one time. It doesn’t matter if there is a roof that’s 10,000 square feet and one that’s 100,000 square feet – we’ll provide the products and expertise to cover it all.

Up to the Challenge

We’ve worked hard over the years to create a business where the dependable service of a local contractor is combined with the expertise of a corporate enterprise. We value face-to-face interaction and can help you decide which materials will be best for your commercial roofs. Metal roofing is a popular option for larger buildings, since it’s durable and can be installed quickly. Our experienced team is up to the challenge of designing and installing your new roofs, and making sure they meet your specifications. If there is one building that needs repair or replacement over another, we’ll make that building the priority before moving onto others on your property.

If you have a large-scale commercial roofing project you need completed on time and on budget, contact ConstructoMax in Tampa today. We’ll provide you with a free project bid, and once the work has been approved, we’ll get started right away. You can callĀ us at (813) 520-8957 or contact us online!