It’s an unfortunate truth, but accidents do happen, and when they happen in your place of business, it can be hard to know where to turn. If the accident is a fire or a weather-related incident, such as high winds or hail, your roof could be left in disrepair, or worse, completely destroyed. At ConstructoMax, we understand that when your store’s roof is damaged or removed by fire or weather, you need a replacement right away. With our commercial roofing services in Tampa, you can have a new roof on your business in no time at all.

Before we make any repairs or begin your roof replacement, we will perform a thorough inspection to see where the most damaged areas are located. It’s essential that you call us to inspect all areas both above and below your roof, because wood that has been damaged by fire can be extremely unstable, and if you place your ladder in the wrong spot, you could be seriously injured. It’s important to call the professionals, and our roofing crew has the knowledge and experience to safely check your roof, and knows when to keep ladders and tools out of heavily damaged areas.

A roof that has been damaged can also be a blessing in disguise. If you’d been wanting to expand your store, but hadn’t found the right time, now might be the perfect opportunity to build out more space. We’ll handle all of the roof restoration on the existing structure, and then place the new roof on the addition when the time is right. When you need commercial roofing in Tampa, call us right away!