If you’ve contracted a commercial roofing provider in the past, only to be left dissatisfied with their punctuality and level of workmanship, it’s easy to be hesitant about calling another company. At ConstructoMax in Tampa, we understand the issues that business owners can run into with commercial roofers, and we promise to provide a level of customer service and craftsmanship that will provide you with peace of mind, as well as the confidence that you made the right call in contacting us.

Faulty Flashing

One issue that commercial roofs can experience is faulty flashing around exhaust pipes and other components that allows water to find its way inside. This is especially true for industrial companies, where there are several vent and exhaust pipes on the roof. If your previous roofing contractor didn’t install the flashing correctly, it can’t expand and contract properly, and will eventually pull away from the pipe it was covering.

Standing Water

Depending on the design and slope of your roof, water will drain off in different ways. Many commercial buildings have metal roofs, but standing water can still be a problem. Water that sits in seams or valleys can cause leaks and other issues, and it’s important to have those issues addressed right away once they’ve been discovered.

If your commercial roof is looking outdated, or you’ve discovered problems that have compromised or could compromise the integrity of your roof, contact ConstructoMax right away. We’re always happy to meet with Tampa-area business owners and discuss what the best approach will be for repairing or replacing their building’s roof.