If your company deals in large products or equipment that have to be stored in a warehouse, it’s important for that warehouse to be secure from the roof to the foundation. Your inventory needs to stay dry and protected, and if the roof is compromised, you could lose thousands of dollars in inventory during a thunderstorm or hurricane. At ConstructoMax, we can handle any large commercial roofing projects that include warehouses, and can finish your new roof quickly so your products and equipment are adequately protected.

Since many large-scale roofing projects need to be completed quickly, we will choose materials that are durable, as well as easy to install. We can place a flat metal roof on your building, or use any material that you prefer. We’ll make sure that the pitch and the slope are correct, and that no moisture can find its way into your warehouse. If you have air conditioning units that need to go on the roof, we’ll make sure your HVAC technician has the access they need.

If your warehouse is beginning to look dated, and you haven’t had the roof replaced or inspected in a few years, contact us right away. We can provide an honest quote for your commercial roofing project, and will begin work right away once the project is approved. We can work with you on existing structures, or design the ideal roofing plan for any new buildings that are being constructed. Before you know it, your warehouse will have a brand new roof, and your inventory will be safe and secure!